Web Design

Your website is the digital face of your company, what users will see first, and what they will look to in order to learn more about who you are. When you sign on to a project with our crew, we will design a site that matches your brand and aligns with your goals.


Our designers don’t just venture blindly into the unknown, we take the time to scope out your needs and preferences before constructing a website that you can and will be proud to show off.

Our Web Design Work Phases

  1. Discovery
  2. Onboarding
  3. Design
  4. Launch and Activation
  5. The Journey Continues….

Whether you’re looking for an extensive e-commerce platform or just a simple site with exceptional content, we have the elements to support your needs. The Newtek Web Design team is trained to create a digital presence that will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but will help drive conversions and generate leads for your business.

 Custom Web Design in WordPress

We build websites in WordPress because we care about the quality of your product- it’s one of the most popular content management systems for a reason! With a WordPress site there are nearly endless possibilities to design and customize your website, which is extremely important when you are looking to reinforce your brand online.

Why Choose a Custom WordPress Design?

  • Scalable: WordPress websites are scalable, therefore you will always be able to build upon your site with ease when new information needs to be added.
  • Custom Themes: Your brand is important and we want it to be a huge part of what makes your website unique. With custom WP themes, we are able to curate a website structure that speaks to who you truly are.
  • High-Speed: To ensure your customers are getting the most out of your website, you are going to need a site that doesn’t lag. WP creates websites that are optimized for speed so users can find the information they are looking for in no time.

Already Have a Website, But Want a New One?

No Problem! Newtek Web Design will work to redesign your website until it is just the way you like it. We understand that times change and so will your brand, and your digital design elements should be a reflection of that. Our team will listen to your goals and work to provide you with a new visual product that you’ll love.

Are you looking for some help with a rebrand as well? We can help with that! (Eventually hyperlink to branding page)

We’re All About Responsive Sites

The Newtek Web Design crew knows that the way website content is consumed has changed. As our planet makes the shift to on the go, portable devices, more and more people move away from the desktop and view websites on mobile phones and tablets.

We design websites that can not only function on these mobile devices but also still look good while they do it. Our designers make it a priority to create websites that are responsive on all platforms while maintaining brand integrity and looking entirely professional.

Ready to take the next step toward success, we're here to help.

Contact us today. Let's talk about the vision for your company, tell us your concerns, and let us help you adapt to the ever-changing web, marketing, and communications needs demanded for success in today's business climate.

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