Having a user friendly interface is one of the most important factors when it comes to maintaining an excellent user retention rate on your websites and applications.


We can help you set up websites and applications that are both visually and operationally superb to give your customers a flawless experience.

Newtek Web Design Optimizes for Efficiency

  • Clickable, large screen options
  • Easy menu navigation
  • Fitting font dimensions
  • Aesthetically pleasing layout

Making sure that your customers have a first-rate experience when exploring your digital platforms can be the determining factor when they decide to make the first interaction with your content.

We’ll work alongside you to figure out what your ideal customer needs to get from your site so we can bring those features to the forefront of your digital communications. This way, users won’t have to wait until the next equinox to find what they’re looking for.

To master the art of user-friendly design, our designers have experience creating websites and applications for both UI and UX. While they are similar in intent, user interface and experience design are a bit different.

User Interface (UI) Design

In simple terms, an interface is the method in which two entities can interact with each other. For websites and digital applications, the interface would consist of the buttons, text, images on the site, or anything else that someone visiting is able to interact within one way or another. Optimizing websites with UI design methods allow for a site that is accessible and visually appealing for all users.

When you work with Newtek Web Design to create your websites and apps, our designers work to ensure that all of the elements of your interface are laid out with the user in mind.

User Experience (UX) Design

User experience refers to the actual time that they spend navigating through your digital content. A good UX design will have easy to follow website or app navigation, elements that are clean and not bulky and distracting, pages created specifically for mobile devices, etc. Our designers know that a frustrated user is not one that will turn a profit for you and we will work to bring you functioning products that are easy to maneuver for everyone.

Our team makes sure to optimize your platforms for both UI and UX, so you will never have to worry about a customer complaining about their time searching your site!

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